Office Inspector Android

Description: Inspect the office and assign work orders. Designed for most consumer Android devices.

Get your office related problems taken care of fast, with the Office Inspector application on Android, powered by TracerPlus. Easily add a work order as you perform inspections and assign it to one of your employees or anyone of your choosing. When you assign the work order, TracerPlus will send an email to that employee so they can get to work. Your employee emails aren't included? No problem. Just open up the complimentary Work Email List session and add your employees and their emails. Next time you open up the Perform Inspections session, all you need to do is enter the employee's name and TracerPlus will take care of the rest. Stop stressing out about your small office's needs, and start doing something about it today, with the Office Inspector app and TracerPlus for Android.


  • Lookups enabling easy email retrieval with a name
  • A smart grid that populates the work orders for the day
  • Easily and highly customizable with TracerPlus Desktop, a free design application.

Assigning a work order to clean the office for Jim Palpable





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May 16, 2014



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