Delivery Tracking Android Sample - High Res

Description: Delivery Tracking Application from our Android Sampler - High Res.

Easily track your deliveries with the Delivery Tracking sample application designed for TracerPlus Android. Keep the records you need for your deliveries, including the delivery recipient, delivery location, delivery date, and package tracking number, using your Android camera to scan barcodes. TracerPlus uses your Android's built-in GPS functionality to automatically record the latitude and longitude of the location. Get proof of the delivery with a recipient signature. Scan the packages to be delivered using the built-in barcode scanning functionality of TracerPlus. This will populate the easy to use grid so you can see all your deliveries for the specified recipient at a glance. Enhance and streamline your workflow with the Deliver Tracking sample application for Android.

It's also easy to modify this application to suit your specific needs.

Delivery Tracking Application from Our Android Sampler




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PTS - Fahim Ali

Date Posted:

March 14, 2014



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