OBD 2 Reader

Description: Sample form used to obtain OBD 2 diagnostic information

TracerPlus supports reading a vehicle's diagnostic information through the vehicle's onboard diagnostic port or OBD2. This is supported on any Android based device with a Bluetooth radio. The connection to the OBD2 scan tool is made through this Bluetooth connection.

This sample project shows you how to use the OBD2 feature within TracerPlus in your own project. This sample contains a mobile form which collects OBD2 diagnostic information and automatically enters the vehicle results into the Android mobile form. Best used as a visual tool to help understand how to set this feature up for your own forms and projects. Collects VIN, engine status (on/off), RPM, AC refrigerant levels, car component levels, the fuel computer, O2 heater, O2 sensor, and Diagnostic Codes. Easily connects to an OBD2 device and reads from target vehicle. Connects using Bluetooth.

Compatible with: Vehicles produced during and after 1996, and some vehicles produced in 1995. Vehicle must support OBD2.

OBD2 Reader





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May 23, 2016



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