Event Attendance with Email Reporting

Description: Event attendance tracking and verification with an Email report of all attendees

The application is a simple event attendance registration process that can be used indoors or outdoors. The operator selects an event from a drop down list and then scans a barcode ID on a card or fob for each member/visitor and displays their contact details on screen. Upon successful review, the operator then presses the 'Submit' button to save the attendance record which is automatically date and time stamped. Once all membership ID's have been recorded, the operator presses the Email button on screen to send data to a preset email address, and all data is sent as an attachment so that it can be opened within a spreadsheet or database application. All data sent via email is automatically deleted from the device to ensure that only up to date information is sent each time.


  • Upload membership/delegate data via USB from a spreadsheet or database
  • Select Event from a drop down list
  • Displays members details on screen
  • Compatible with barcodes & RFID cards
  • Emails compiled directly from the application
  • Auto delete feature to ensure data is sent once


  • Fast data capture process
  • Data is sent as email via mobile network or wifi quickly and securely
  • Low risk of data loss as no data is retained on device
  • Recorded data is compatible with spreadsheets & databases, no manual conversion required

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Event Attendance tracking with barcode scanning and email.




Event Management

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Windows Mobile/CE

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Barcodes for Business

Date Posted:

December 5, 2014



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