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Welcome to the TracerPlus Mobile Software Solution Finder, an online repository of free pre-configured mobile software applications. Mobile applications including asset management and inventory management are free to use, just import them into TracerPlus Desktop and deploy.

These mobile solutions can serve as a time saving starting point for your own custom applications. With a wide selection of programs ranging from inventory to event tracking, these solutions are the fastest way to reduce development time and start gathering data.

If you don't see a category that fits your needs, let us know.

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Mutli-Tag Geiger Counter

Search for one RFID tag or many tags at one time

GPS Locator

Sample form to find GPS location and relative location in a country

RFID Tag Writer

Read and write data to an RFID tag

RFID Geiger locator

Find RFID tags using a Geiger-like location feature and keep track of inventory

Salesforce data synchronized with a TracerPlus mobile application

Sample project showing the integration possibilities with TracerPlus and Salesforce

A new game

Keep your game going with the easy to use Ping Pong Score Keeper

Tracking Fido's location every 30 seconds.

Make tracking your dog walking routes a simple affair

Expense Tracker - Keep Track of your Travel Expenses

Track expenses as you travel and go on business trips.

Logging Joey's allowance for doing the dishes.

Keep track of your children's monthly allowances easily.

Golf tracker screen shot running on an Android based mobile device.

Keep track of your golf scores using your Android or Windows based mobile device.

Screen shot of the RFID scanning in action

Mobile RFID.. the only technology fast enough to track your UFO sightings.

Certification of exam form

A medical form covering common requirements for eye, ear and dental exams.

Travel expense form

Simple application for tracking your employee's travel expenses.