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Technician in a box - comprehensive mobile work order solutions for field technicians

The TracerPlus™ Mobile Work Order interface easily translates to nearly any type of business that depends upon service technicians in the field. The pre-populated sample data targeted at the HVAC industry is provided to better demonstrate the software's abilities.

The solution itself includes a state of the art barcode and WAN enabled mobile computer along with pre-installed TracerPlus software designed to reduce paperwork, significantly cut down clerical errors and greatly improve the speed in which customers are served. The ability to distribute customer service appointments wirelessly and maximize service routes greatly increases efficiency.

Features and Benefits

  • Wirelessly stream work orders and customer data out to employees in the field.
  • Allocate jobs to employees based on optimal routing or on-hand parts.
  • Track usage of parts and materials needed for specific repairs
  • Calculate customer cost on site.
  • Generate returns job completion and customer authorization info in real time.

Watch the video to the right for a complete tutorial.

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Open Work Order listing screenshot  Customer information screenshot  Completed repairs with labor rate screenshot  Parts list screenshot  Work Order cost summary screenshot  Customer Acknowledgement with Signature screenshot.

Getting Started with your Device:

Setting up your Host PC:

You will need a host PC to sync data to and from your mobile device. This PC also requires an internet connection to download additional components and to keep your system current. In most cases the host PC will be the computer that contains your database files

Download and install the appropriate Microsoft Mobile Device syncing software:

Connect the Power Supply to the cradle and to the AC line cord, plug in and charge for a minimum of 3 hours. After charging, connect the USB cable to the cradle and to the host PC and launch ActiveSync/WMDC.

TracerPlus Mobile Work Order Kit

Setting Up Data Transfer Methods - Sold Separately

Data collected on the mobile device must be transferred to your database in order to provide useful information. In addition, these options allow for transferring existing database info (such as existing inspection routes, previous conditions, last inspection date, etc) to your device, providing comparative information and lookup table data.

Option 1: Automated Syncing to With TracerPlus Connect
Sync wirelessly or via cable with more control over your data than ever. Easily transfer your mobile data to existing back-end ODBC databases, Excel spreadsheets and Text files. Click here for more information.

Option 2: Manual txt file export to PC
After collecting data on the mobile device, select Export from the TracerPlus File menu, then cradle the device. Navigate to the Mobile Device folder on the host PC after ActiveSync establishes a connection. Go to My Documents\TracerPlus7\Data\Exported and copy the S01_data.txt file (for Session 01 - name may vary).

Data transfer options - To Excel, Access, MySQL, SQLSever Oracle and more.