In-A-Box Solutions

TracerPlus In a Box Solutions for Police, Firefighters, Public Safety and Private Businesses

TracerPlus Fire Master

Pre-configured mobile inspection software for Fire Departments, Water Authorities and Public Safety Departments.

  • Customizable Fire Hydrant Inspection.
  • Customizable Building Inspection.
TracerPlus Fire Master Hydrant Inpsection Screenshot

TracerPlus Police Inspection

Pre-configured mobile software for a variety of Police Department readiness inspections.

  • Customizable Vehicle/Equipment Inspection.
  • Customizable Officer Inspection.
TracerPlus Police Vehicle Inspection Screenshot
Download the trial version of Fire Master Hydrant and Building Inspection Software Download the TracerPlus Police Inspection and Readiness mobile software trial

TracerPlus Mobile Work Orders

Pre-configured mobile work order software for tracking parts and labor and managing employee routing.

  • Customizable for a wide array of businesses.
  • Includes separate parts and labor calculations with options for tax, and warranty info.
TracerPlus Mobile Work Order - Open Order Listing TracerPlus Technician Work Order Cost Calculation Screenshot
Download the trial version of TracerPlus Mobile Work Order Software