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Develop Mobile Applications
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Features and Benefits of TracerPlus Desktop

Endless possibilities with TracerPlus Desktop

Highlighted Features:

  • NEW Project web deploy now available via QR code scanning (Android Only).
  • NEW NFC Support Added with smart form rule.
  • NEW Publisher Edition for creating your own custom branded TracerPlus apps.
  • Conditional Form Logic for If/Then statements.
  • Print and Messaging now allows multiple reports per session.
  • Field import options from DB, Text, Excel data sources.
  • DropDown Item import options from DB, Text, Excel data sources.
  • Allow display of all control IDs on a form.
  • Form level 'lock' control to prevent accidental moving of controls.
  • Support for Android OS and Windows Mobile/CE devices.
  • Form designer auto-scales to configured form size.
  • Settable visible property for all form controls.
  • Validate Field button action can now validate fields on a button press.
  • Confirmation Prompt button action allows user defined Yes/No Prompts.
  • Barcode, RFID and NFC settings configured at a session level.
  • Timer Control for triggering events at specified intervals.
  • Smartform rules added for data begins with, ends with, contains and has length.
  • Selectable platform on project deploy.
  • UNDO function added to Form Designer.
  • 32 configurable forms per device and up to 100 fields per form.
  • Intuitive development interface with drag and drop form designer.
  • Custom Colors for Tabs, Labels and other Controls.
  • Configurable Font Face, Size, Color and Style.
  • Duplicate/Move Sessions within a Desktop Project.
  • Export to single file (.tpe) for project sharing.
  • Import projects from local file or online resources.


  • Develop, Design and Deploy Mobile Applications on the PC.
  • Enhanced Control when deploying to Multiple Platforms.
  • Quickly Share Applications with Colleagues.

System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10; 100 MB free disk space; ActiveSync version 3.5 or higher (2000/XP) or Windows Mobile Device Center (Vista/7/8/10); A Mobile Device running Windows Embedded Handheld/CE, Windows Mobile/CE, or Android OS; Trial or registered version of the TracerPlus Mobile Client.

Compatibility: Version numbers of TracerPlus Desktop must match version numbers of the TracerPlus Mobile Client for interoperability.