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Features and Benefits of TracerPlus Connect

Sync Any Data, Any Time and in Any Way

Highlighted Features:

  • NEW Live Mode performance improvement for fast real-time data transfers.
  • NEW Auto license of Connect software via web request.
  • NEW UI redesign to match closer to TracerPlus Desktop.
  • SalesForce Integration for syncing with SalesForce.
  • Salesforce plugin allows targeting of sandbox environment.
  • Project load performance during sync improved/optimized.
  • Sync Process can now be dragged from one profile to another.
  • Support for Windows Mobile, CE and Android OS devices.
  • Unique text file creation on each sync.
  • Advanced field mapping options (Overwrite, Sum, Subtract, Do Nothing).
  • Dynamic Sync Filters allow user defined filters at time of data sync.
  • Sync via cable (batch, Windows Mobile/CE only), wirelessly (Wi-Fi and Cellular) or in Real-Time.
  • Sync with ODBC databases (including Access, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server and more).
  • Sync with Excel spreadsheets or text files.
  • Configure unlimited sync processes with individual enable/disable capabilities.
  • Group sync processes into different profiles for advanced syncing.
  • Capable of running as a Windows Service.
  • User initiated syncing via TracerPlus Mobile Client button action.
  • Advanced data filtering.
  • Condition based syncing.
  • Timed Interval Syncing.


  • Sync data between multiple platforms with a single interface.
  • Create sync Profiles / processes for total syncing control.
  • Share important data with key decision makers.

Is my database ODBC Compliant ?


System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2012, 20 MB free disk space, ActiveSync version 3.5 or higher (2000/2003/XP), Windows Mobile Device Center (Vista/7/8/10/2008/2012), A Mobile Device running Android OS, Windows Embedded Handheld/CE. Windows Mobile, CE, CE.Net, or Pocket PC, Trial or registered version of TracerPlus (version numbers must match). Microsoft Excel 2003 or Greater for transfer to Excel. ODBC compliant database (i.e. Access, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, FoxPro among others) for ODBC syncing.

Compatibility: Version numbers of TracerPlus Connect must match version numbers of the TracerPlus Desktop and TracerPlus Mobile Client for interoperability.