TracerPlus Mobile Application Development Software - Enterprise Class Apps in Minutes

TracerPlus mobile software gives programmers and non-programmers the ability to develop Barcode, NFC and RFID enabled applications in 3 easy steps. Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and CE handhelds, barcode terminals, smartphones and tablets, TracerPlus is the right solution for almost any tracking application including; IT asset management and inventory management. TracerPlus is mobile software designed specifically for data collection and it syncs directly with most databases.

Deploy fully functioning Mobile Barcode, RFID and NFC Apps in 3 easy steps:

STEP 1: Create your mobile application with TracerPlus Desktop

TracerPlus Desktop

Develop mobile applications without programming and deploy them to your Windows Mobile or Android handheld. Get a head start with one of our free pre-built apps, or create one of your own.

Quickly develop mobile forms by:

  • Creating a mobile form that matches your current process.
  • RFID, BarCode, NFC and Photo capabilities enhance your process.
  • Deploy YOUR APP to an Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and CE handheld.
TracerPlus Desktop Overview video

Watch the overview video showing you how to use TracerPlus Desktop with the Solution Center to quickly create your own mobile applications.

STEP 2: Deploy Apps to TracerPlus enabled Android, iOS and WM handhelds

TracerPlus Mobile Client

Deploy the Mobile App you created or one of our pre-built Apps directly to any Windows Mobile or Android Smartphone, Tablet, Barcode Scanner, RFID Scanner, iPhone or iPad.

TracerPlus Features:

  • Unlimited Apps Per License / Mobile Handheld.
  • Support for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and CE Platforms.
  • Bar Code, RFID, NFC and AIDC optimized.
TracerPlus Overview video

See TracerPlus in action. Eliminate slow, error prone processes and paper forms and see what TracerPlus can do for you today.

STEP 3: Sync and share your mobile data using TracerPlus Connect

TracerPlus Connect

Share and sync your mobile workforces data with your company data without changing your processes. Connect is flexible enough to work in batch, wireless batch and real time so you can share data how you want.

Different people, different formats:

  • Share data with any of your pre-existing systems.
  • Sync with Microsoft Excel workbooks.
  • Sync with any ODBC database including SQL, MySQL, Oracle and Access.
TracerPlus Desktop Overview video

Watch an introductory video on the TracerPlus Connect data syncing software and see what's possible.