RFID Asset Quick Scan

Description: Quickly scan all RFID tags in a given location.

See the power of RFID scanning with this Asset Quick Scan application for TracerPlus Desktop. This application demonstrates the ease of use and scanning power of a mobile RFID reader. Choose a location and then pull the RFID trigger to start scanning items. As the items are read they will be entered into a grid for review. Scan thousands of assets within seconds. No more looking for barcodes, with RFID you can scan items with no line of sight. This application will show you how you can easily 'paint the room' to find all of your assets.

This application features:

  • Simple, fast RFID scanning.
  • Capture any number of RFID tags, from a dozen to a thousand with the pull of a trigger.

Device Compatibility:

  • Zebra MC9190z
  • Zebra MC3190z
  • Zebra MC55/65/67 with the RFID addon
  • Zebra RFD8500 sled using any Android or iOS device.

This application can be used as is or used as a starting point for your fully customized RFID application.

RFID asset tracking and audit form




Asset Tracking

Minimum Version:


Mode Required:


Optimized For:

Windows Mobile / CE

Designed By:

PTS - Joseph Kraebel

Date Posted:

November 17, 2011



New Users

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Deploying a TracerPlus Desktop project from the Solution Center

Existing Users

Download the project and deploy using TracerPlus Desktop.