Medical Equipment Tracking

Description: Check In / Check Out Application for medical equipment.

With this application, tracking medical equipment has never been easier. Just populate the equipment list with your medical equipment information. Then make the tracking process hassle-free with the power of barcode scanning technology, built directly into TracerPlus for Windows Mobile/CE. Authorize your check in/check out process using powerful signature fields and keep up-to-date with your medical equipment inventory. Speed up your medical equipment tracking today with the power of TracerPlus.

Use this as a starting point; customize to suit your requirements. Add RFID technology or modify the form to fit newer/larger screens. With TracerPlus, the choice is yours.

Industry leading features include:

  • Integrated barcode scanning technology
  • Signature capture

Medical equipment tracking form




Asset Tracking

Minimum Version:


Mode Required:


Optimized For:

Windows Mobile / CE

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Date Posted:

November 1, 2011



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Existing Users

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