Motorola RFID Asset Tracking

Description: Scan all assets in a location with the press of a trigger - For Motorola 9190z, 3190z, MC67, or RFD8500 RFID devices.

RFID asset tracking application for a complete room inventory. Utilize the RFID scanning capabilites of your Motorola MC3190z, MC9190z RFID device, or use the Zebra RFD8500 sled with any Android or iOS device to quickly audit a room's assets. With a single pull of the RFID trigger all assets in a room can be caputerd and recorded. For user verification the Asset Manufacturer, asset type, asset model and serial number are all displayed to the user for each asset Scanned.

  • RFID speed and accuracy.
  • Preconfigured asset collection forms.
  • Sync to any backend database or system.

Device Compatibility:

  • Motorola MC9190z
  • Motorola MC3190z
  • Motorola MC55/65/67 with the RFID addon
  • Zebra RFD8500 sled using any Android or iOS device.

Use as-is or customize to fit your exact asset collection needs. Click Here for detailed instructions on using this application.

RFIDasset tracking and audit form




Asset Tracking

Minimum Version:


Mode Required:


Optimized For:

Windows Mobile / CE

Designed By:

PTS - Joseph Kraebel

Date Posted:

July 16, 2010



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