Retail - Price Markdowns, Verification and more...

Free starter apps that can be used in customer facing retail environments. Perform price checks or markdowns, verify item infomration or even take orders with your barcode terminals, mobile computers, tablets and smartphones.

These mobile solutions can serve as a time saving starting point for your own custom applications. With a wide selection of programs, these solutions are the fastest way to reduce development time and start gathering data quickly.

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  Solution Results
Screen shot of the mobile sales order and resulting sales order email

Email sales orders to clients at the push of a button.

Food and Drink order application running on an Android tablet.

Use your Android tablet to place food and drink orders

Used car information retrieval

Easily pull up user car information on the fly.

Pet Grooming screenshot on an Android device.

Track grooming history and number of customer visits

The checkout screen.

Track your rentals easily with this Android app.

Customer loyalty Screenshot running on an Android based mobile device

Easily Track Customer visits and shopping history.

Price verification form

Quick Price Verification using the Symbol MT2000 Barcode Scanner.

Price checking mobile kiosk form

Price checking application specifically for use with the Zebra MK500 Micro Kiosk.

Retail price check form

Item verification application for looking up item image, description and price.

Retail price markdown form

Price Markdowns with label Printing for most Zebra Mobile Printers.

Price markdown form

Price Markdowns with label Printing ability using the Symbol MT2000 Barcode.

Mobile sales form

Desktop project for mobile terminal sales applications.