Event Management

Mobile Attendee Event Tracking and Badge Scanning Applications

Event Attendee tracking and other barcode enabled tracking systems costs hundreds of dollars to rent and often end up not fitting your needs. With TracerPlus Event Tracking Apps for Windows Mobile, you can easily capture the visitor data you need and then connect it to your CRM system, Access or just Excel. If you have Motorola, Symbol, Intermec or Honeywell barcode scanners or terminals there is a good chance you can use TracerPlus right away and save 100's of dollars tracking each event.

To get started, download TracerPlus Desktop and trial one of our Event Management Starter apps. Then it's easy to modify it to meet your exact needs!

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  Solution Results
NFC Badge Reader

Easily record clock in and clock out times of employees using NFC

Attendance tracking form

Ticket scanning, validation and information for tracking event attendance.

Exit polling form

Exit Polling application for use with TracerPlus.

Event attendance form

Track attendance for various corporate meetings, seminars and training.

Event management form

Track Visitor Information of Tradeshow Attendees.

Event Attendance tracking with barcode scanning and email.

Event attendance tracking and verification with an Email report of all attendees