Mobile Inspection Applications

Mobile Inspection Applications

Mobile Inspectors have a tough job; TracerPlus Mobile Inspection Applications definitely make it easier.

Vehicle inspectors, safety inspectors and other mobile field inspectors: We have solutions that will speed and simplify your jobs. With powerful mobile data collection features including remote data lookups, built in calculations, image capture, image lookup, barcode and RFID equipment identification, field inspections can be completed faster and error free. You can further streamline the process by eliminating data re-entry often performed by data entry clerks through one of our data syncing tools. Whether your inspection reports are stored in Excel or Oracle, PTS has the solution that eliminates the need for data re-entry.

If you don't see a category that fits your needs, let us know.

  Solution Results
OBD2 Reader

Sample form used to obtain OBD 2 diagnostic information

Insurance claims form running on an Android device

Quickly perform an inspection of an insurance claim

Inspection in progress

Quickly and easily perform a safety inspection for your trailer.

Mobile Inspection Form

Get started fast with the Quick Inspection mobile application for TracerPlus

Assigning a work order to clean the office for Jim Palpable

Inspect the office and assign work orders. Designed for most consumer Android devices.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Application from our Android Sampler

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Application for TracerPlus Android - High Res.

Vehicle safety inspection form

Use this application for performing safety inspections on motor vehicles.

Trailer safety inspection form

This application can be used to perform safety inspections on motor vehicle trailers.

Electrical meter reading form

Scan or select an electrical meter and capture the reading while calculating the difference from the last reading.

Vehicle inspection form

Use this mobile form to perform 27 Point Vehicle Inspections.

Fire extinguisher inspection form

TracerPlus Desktop Project for inspecting fire extinguishers.

Overhead utility line inspection form

Perform an Inspection of overhead Utility Lines and Poles.