Tracking office equipment with TracerPlus

Mobile Asset Tracking

These Mobile Asset Tracking Applications (sessions), that run on the TracerPlus platform, make it easy to speed your asset tracking routines and eliminate errors caused by paper based processes. Whether you are tracking Computers, Vehicles, Furniture, Tools or Medical Equipment these pre-built mobile apps make it easy to get started. All solutions incorporate barcode enabled data lookups and validation. Highlighted solutions run on specified RFID tag reading equipment.

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  Solution Results
Chemical Tracker

Keeps careful track of chemical assets, their location, and the people who interact with them.

Asset Check Out / In – Track when assets are not returned

Keep track of of your assets and hold people accountable when assets are not returned

Checking out tools from the tool crib inventory.

Keep track of your tool locations and conditions with ease.

ITAsset Tracking Application from our Android Sampler

IT Asset Tracking Application from our Android - High Res.

RFID asset tracking and audit form

Quickly scan all RFID tags in a given location.

Medical equipment tracking form

Check In / Check Out Application for medical equipment.

RFIDasset tracking and audit form

Scan all assets in a location with the press of a trigger - For Zebra 9190z, 3190z, MC67, or RFD8500 RFID devices.

Asset audit form

Select a location and verify expected assets exist in this location.

Equipment and tool tracking form

Tracking application for managing various types of equipment or tools.

IT asset tracking and audit form

Tracking application for managing your company's IT asset equipment.

Asset Tracking and barcode form

Simple Asset Tracking application for use with the Symbol MT2000 Barcode Terminal.

Asset tracking and auditing form

Scan Files and folders and mark their respective locations.

Asset tracking form

Asset tracking application including asset list, asset auditing and new assets.